We are running COVID 19 relief programmes with women refugee and stranded migrant workers of Kulesra and Suthiana villages of Greater NOIDA and Delhi. During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Child Trust has already supported families in Banda District, Uttar Pradesh, Sanjay Colony, New Delhi, and Kulesra, Greater Noida with food rations, masks and hygiene kits.

Families in villages and urban slums are struggling to get food, basic hygiene items, clean water, and healthcare. People are losing their livelihoods due to the lockdown, are working hard to prevent that and provide support to the families and communities who are in desperate need of life-saving support in the form of dry food and medicines. Our ongoing programs already include measures that will help to keep them safe, like hygiene education, hand washing practices, physical distancing, etc.

In these hard times, our organization is putting in the best of their efforts towards making the basic necessities accessible to the poor and needy.

We will appreciate your contribution/donation to help the needy ones to survive in this crucial time of  pandemic  COVID-19 virus.


Banda District, Uttar Pradesh


Sanjay Colony, New Delhi


Kulesra, Greater Noida